Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

Western or Giant Arborvitae

{Picture of Western or Giant Arborvitae}

Plant Information

  • Plant Type: Evergreen Tree
  • Scientific Name: Thuja plicata Play audio of plant name
  • Family: Arborvitae
  • Zone: 5
  • Plant Size: 40-60'
  • Habit: Pyramidal
  • Culture:

    Very adaptable. Full sun to partial shade.

  • Notes:

    An attractive tree that grows to an impressive stature (200') in its native Pacific Northwest. Is considerably more humble in the Midwest though still lovely. Differs from the American arborvitae in somewhat greater shade tolerance, retains its summer color in winter, and interestingly, is found distasteful by deer. Purchase from a northern-grown source to ensure complete hardiness in zone 5

  • Pruning:

    Arborvitae and hemlock will not require pruning in most landscape situations as they naturally develop a pleasing symmetrical habit. However, when used as a screen or hedge they may be sheared to shape and reduce growth rate. Shearing may be done from early spring to July.

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Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

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