Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

Roseum Elegans Rhododendron

{Picture of Roseum Elegans Rhododendron}

Plant Information

  • Scientific Name: Rhododendron catawbiense 'Roseum Elegans' Play audio of plant name
  • Family: Rhododendron
  • Parent: Rhododendron species and hybrids
  • Related Cultivars:

    Rhododendron x 'Aglo'
    Rhododendron x 'Anna H. Hall'
    Rhododendron x 'Boule de Neige'
    Rhododendron x 'P.J.M.'

  • Plant Size: .
  • Bloom Color: Pink
  • Habit: Rounded
  • Culture:

    Rhododendrons in bloom are among the most striking and beautiful of all plants. They are however, fastidious about their cultural requirements: 1

  • Notes:

    A large-leafed evergreen rhododendron with lilac-pink flowers.

  • Pruning:Pruning animation

    Heading back is done to shape and reduce the size of the plant. Cut prominent shoots back inside the body of the plant to where they meet another branch.

    Heading back may be done from late fall to mid-July.

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Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

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