Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

European Ginger

{Picture of European Ginger}

Plant Information

  • Plant Type: Groundcover
  • Scientific Name: Asarum europeum Play audio of plant name
  • Family: Ginger
  • Zone: 4
  • Plant Size: 6"
  • Culture:

    Adaptable. Partial shade to shade. Requires a protected location.

  • Notes:

    Glossy evergreen foliage and red-brown flowers borne beneath the leaves in spring.

  • How much sun can a shade-loving groundcover tolerate?:

    Many of the ground covers listed here for shade will tolerate growing in full sun, but should not be planted in such a location for three main reasons:

    1. 1. Many are broadleaf evergreens, therefore exposure to winter wind and sun will often damage the foliage and possibly kill the plant.
    2. 2. These plants are poorly adapted to dry conditions which are more likely to be encountered in sunny locations.
    3. 3. Weeds may become a problem within a ground cover planting in sun where weed seeds can germinate and better compete with the ground cover.

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Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

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